Any customer requiring electrical service on a temporary basis is required to make a work request to the Benton county Board of Public Utilities.

Typical temporary service is to carnivals, fairs, circuses, work trailers, construction sites, etc. Any customer requesting temporary service must pay the Benton County Board of Public Utilities the cost of installing and removing the necessary facilities on a non-refundable basis. Payment of charges or authorized charges must be paid before work is started. The energy used will be metered and billed in accordance with the GPR rate schedule.

Installation by Electrical Contractor

Benton County Board of Public Utilities will connect the necessary facilities to a temporary service installed by an electrical contractor. The contractor must install the service adequately braced to withstand the pull of Benton County Board of Public Utilities' conductors, install a meter socket and obtain an inspection approval from the appropriate electrical inspector (Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance).

Restriction of Utilization

A temporary service MUST NOT be used to energize any portion of the wiring in a permanent building, whether under construction or completed. Campers, recreational vehicles or mobile homes will not be connected to temporary service boards unless adequate provisions have been made by the electrical contractor and approved by the electrical inspector.

Minimum Service Charge for Temporary Services

A One Hundred Dollar ($150.00) minimum service charge for installing and removing temporary service.


Adopted: 02-02-87

Revised: 03-25-03

Revised: 08-26-08

Country: United States