1. There will be a Base Charge of One Hundred Dollars $325.00 (Three hundred twenty-five dollars) for a service hookup or a relocation of a service hookup.
  2. If customer has paid a $325.00 (Three hundred twenty-five dollar) Temporary Service Fee, the Base Charge under this
    policy will be waived for the initial service hookup.


For all underground extensions, the customer making the request for services will pay for opening and back-filling of the ditches as required after inspection by a representative of Benton County Electric System. All 45- and 90-degree corners must be factory sweep type.

Pull wire or rope will be furnished by Benton County Electric System and will be installed in the conduit by the customer or contractor.

The Benton County Board of Public Utilities will provide a standard drop, 15 KVA Single Phase Overhead (value $1,000.00-one thousand dollars). Transformer and service to serve a permanent customer with the service not to exceed 200 feet in length. Services to a conventionally built dwelling unit to be occupied as a primary residence will be a 120-240 volt, 3 wire, single phase service. Please see below for larger transformer pricing.

  • 25 KVA Pad Mount $1,360.00 (one thousand three hundred sixty dollars)
  • Greater than 25 KVA Single Phase or Bank will be at current market value minus standard overhead transformer (value $1,000.00-one thousand dollars)

If a pull through is required the charges will be as follows:

  • Development Pull Through Single Phase $325.00 (Three hundred twenty-five dollars)
  • Development Pull Through 3-Phase $460.00 (four hundred sixty dollars)
  • Dedicated Pull Through Single Phase $815.00 (eight hundred fifteen dollars)
  • Dedicated Pull Through 3-Phase $1,150.00 (one thousand one hundred fifty dollars)

Development= Where multiple lots could be sold or accessed by future customers.

Dedicated=    Serve single or dead-end customer where no one else will be able to tie into service

All right-of-way easements must be obtained in writing by the customer requesting service. No payment will be made for easements for distribution lines, whether overhead or underground.

Primary line construction will only be made along a county road or driveway that, in the opinion of a representative of Benton County Electric System, is adequate to give accessibility to line trucks and other Benton County Electric System vehicles.

Any private road (not maintained by the county) shall be gravel and able to navigably support a BCES utility vehicle at a minimum.

Benton County Electric System will not connect any service unless it passes a State of TN Electrical Inspector’s Service Release and/or Final as required. Benton County Electric will disconnect power if any of the conditions below are met by order of the State Fire Marshall’s Office:

  1. Service Release (45 days) expiration
  2. Failed Final Expired (30 days)

A developer will work with Benton County Electric System Operations to identify paths, junctions, pull-throughs, etc.

All facilities will remain the property of Benton County Electric System.


The customer will pay $3.75 (three dollars and seventy-five cents) per foot for a single phase, underground primary line extension.


The customer will pay $10.00 (ten dollars) per foot for a three phase. underground primary line

The customer must furnish and install schedule 40 PVC conduit, 3 inch for single
phase and 4 inches for three phases for all underground primary (7.2 KV or over) and it must
be 48 inches below the finished grade. After the conduit has been installed, it shall be
inspected by the Benton County Electric System. It shall then be covered by two (2)
feet of dirt and then a warning tape must be installed. It will then again be inspected by
the Benton County Electric System before any backfilling is done.


 The customer will pay $2.00 (two dollars) per foot beyond 100’ (one hundred feet).

For a 200 amp and under underground service and 600 volt and under secondary,
the customer must furnish and install a 3-inch (unless otherwise specified by an Electric
System employee) schedule 40 PVC conduit 24 inches below the finished grade. For all
over 200-amp underground services, the PVC conduit size will be determined by a
representative of the Benton County Electric System. All fittings will be electrical type
and all conduit above ground will be rigid steel or schedule 4O PVC. Revised: 03-25-03

Revised: 08-26-08

Revised: 09-22-15

Revised: 10-26-21

Revised: 01-31-23

Country: United States