Due to the temporary nature of supplying service to dwellings classified as mobile homes, it is necessary to collect a service charge which will help defray the unrecoverable cost of providing this type of service.


Mobile Horne: A factory assembled structure equipped with the necessary service connections and made so as to be readily movable as a unit on its own running gear and designed to be used as a dwelling unit without a permanent foundation.

Factory Assembled Permanent Structure: A factory assembled structure will be treated as a permanent structure provided the following provisions have been met:

  1. Tongue has been removed.
  2. Axles have been removed.
  3. Structure mounted on a permanent solid exterior foundation.
  4. Both structure and lot have same owner.


  1. If the above requirements have been satisfied, the factory assembled permanent structure will be served as any other permanent structure as to service charges and deposits. Mounting of meterbases, on side of structure is permitted if installed at the factory.
  2. The service charges for a mobile home will be the same as those listed in Policy for Overhead Line Extensions and Policy for Underground Line Extensions.
  3. When facilities are present at the job site, a service charge will be required only if additional poles or anchors are needed or if the service conductor has to be extended.
  4. Any relocation of an existing service will be treated as a new installation in regard to service charges.
  5. The rates for step 2 above will be subject to adjustment from time to time as necessary to conform to current construction costs. Any variance from the above stated rates must be posted and approved by the Superintendent.


Date Adopted: 03-26-96

Revised: 03-25-03

Country: United States