A deposit or suitable guarantee for each account will be required of a customer before electric

service is supplied. Deposits on all residential customer accounts including temporary boards

or power stations being used as temporary service for residential construction will be Three

Hundred Dollars ($300.00). This amount is based on the average of usage of all customers in

this rate class. All other rate class deposits will be based on the average of 12 months usage, if

available.  If not available, information from a load sheet provided by BCES, will be used to

calculate a deposit. A load sheet will not need to be completed for a 400 (four hundred) amp

power station for residential purposes. No deposit will exceed twice the highest monthly bill.

BCES reserves the right to evaluate customer accounts from time to time to either raise or

lower deposits to comply with the formula, not to exceed twice the highest monthly bill.  The

above deposits are based on traditional service and does not apply to Pay As You Go

customers. The deposit balance including earned interest for both residential and all other

customers will be accounted for in order to credit the customer’s account and is subject to

review by the customer and Benton County Electric System.  If a customer has an old deposit

and relocates to another location in Benton County, the customer can retain his original



Interest will be applied to the customer’s account based on the interest rate that BCES

receives on its passbook savings account with a local bank. Interest is figured, accrued, and

applied to the customer’s account at the end of each calendar year, unless service is

discontinued, at which time the interest is applied and refunded with the final bill.


Upon termination of service, the deposit plus earned interest will be applied by the Benton

County Electric System against any unpaid bills of the customer and if any balance remains

after such application is made, said balance will be refunded to customer.


            Any non-residential customer that has electrical service provided for less than 14 days,

the deposit may be waived, if they have active service elsewhere in the county.


            This policy is an amendment to the Schedule of Rules and Regulations, Item #2, in the

Power Contract between TVA and Benton County Electric System.


Adopted: 8-25-98 (effective 9-1-98)

Revised: June 28.2011, Effective 7-12-2011  


Revised:  August 26, 2014


Revised:  September 22, 2015 (Effective 10-1-2015)


Revised:  January 31, 2023


Country: United States