24. Policy On Pay As You Go Program

Pay As You Go Service –This method of billing is available to any Residential or General Power Service
which has a self-contained AMI meter with an internal disconnect. Customer pays for electricity prior to usage
the same as depositing money into a debit account.

Connect Fees:All Pay as you Go customers must pay a connection fee of $25.00 to cover
costs of creating andimplementing a new service plus identity check of $2.70 if applicable. Also, a minimum balance of $40.00 is required. If an existing customer has been cut out for non- payment, the $50.00 reconnect  fee will be waived if the Pay as you Go option is utilized.

Deposit: A $25.00 deposit is required because BCES does not cut out on weekends or holidays.

Pay As You Go Monthly Fee: The cost associated with this program is $0.40 per day. This eliminates late  fees and reconnect fees for the Customer.

Electrical Usage: All electricity used will be billed at the current residential or GSA1 rate at the time of usage  as approved by TVA. Customers may choose to be notified of account balance by automated phone call, email,  text message, BCES website or by personal appearance at BCES office. It is the responsibility of the c ustomer to monitor account balance and need for payment.

Termination of Service: Electrical service will be terminated automatically by AMI system at 10:30 AM the morning after account balance reaches $0.00! Customer must keep a positive balance in their account to  receive electrical service. Service will be reconnected when the Customer establishes a minimum account  balance as calculated by the www.myusage.com.

Customers Changing Billing Methods

Changing from Conventional Service: Customers who wish to change from conventional service to Pay As You  Go may do so under the following conditions.

Deposit: $25.00

Outstanding Balances – Due to the lag in billing under the Conventional Service method, any Customer  changing to Pay As You Go will have an outstanding balance of electric usage either not yet paid or billed.  Therefore 40% of payments made to Customer's account shall apply to outstanding balance until said balance is paid in full. Failure to pay outstanding balance in full shall result in termination of service until said balance is paid in full.

Changing from Pay As You Go to Conventional Service:

All conventional service policies apply including deposit and connection fee.

Country: United States