Policy 30.  BCES Power Infrastructure Requirements with City of Camden Sub-division Developments 4/28/2022

BCES will require electrical infrastructure be available at the lot site for a property owner for any new subdivision development. This shall include any overhead or underground electrical developments. The requirements are similar in scope to the water and wastewater system requirements.

Upon a development being proposed to the City of Camden, the developer will make contact and meet with BCES. After this consultation, BCES will provide requirements and costs for electric infrastructure in total for the development with a drawing.

The developer will be required to pay for the infrastructure cost to be installed with the utility easements and standard construction practices of BCES. The developer will be provided with an infrastructure drawing to integrate into their plan for the proposed subdivision development and will supply updated plans to the City of Camden.

Once infrastructure cost is executed for payment in full or per a BCES defined agreement; BCES will provide approval to the City of Camden.

The developer will not be responsible for the end customer’s transformer or service to homes

The following cost and infrastructure are the responsibility of the developer:

Overhead Service

               BCES Construction of Main Line Poles, Wire, and any associated construction components to successfully form a connection to every lot in the development.

Underground Services


               Trenching, Underground Conduit, Markings,

               BCES Items Quoted

               Wire, Pull-Through Boxes, and any related BCES construction cost as provided.

BCES does not install infrastructure without a connection for use and a State of TN Passed Inspection. Upon meeting the requirements BCES will complete the development infrastructure as needed to ensure connectivity for our end customers at no further cost to the developer, and standard fees paid by the end customer for service to their home.


ADOPTED: June 28, 2022

Country: United States