Traditional Customers may request an extension (special payment arrangement) twice within a BCES fiscal year (July1-June 30). The extension will be issued at the discretion of the Customer Service Manager or General Manager not to extend past the next month’s due date. In an extreme situation an additional extension shall be granted at the discretion of the General Manager.


  On the day after the due date a five percent (5%) late fee will be added to the customer’s account. A documented courtesy call, with a phone number for billing disputes, will be made approximately five (5) days past due date  Once the bill remains unpaid beyond the 10th day after due date, the customer will be subject to disconnection, At that time all service charges and penalties must be paid in full to restore service. If a customer, for whatever reason, disputes their bill, they can contact the office during normal business hours at 731-584-8251 or use one of our after-hour emergency numbers.

Whenever service has been discontinued by the Distributor for nonpayment, a charge
of fifty dollars ($50.00), during normal business hours, will be assessed by the Distributor to restore service. If service is restored after normal working hours, the reconnection fee will be $100.00.

For those delinquent customers who present a bad check for the purpose of preventing
service disconnection for non-payment, the service will be disconnected at the earliest possible date after the check for payment has been returned. In these cases, a $40.00 bad check charge and a $50.00 reconnection fee, if paid during normal business hours, or $100.00 if after normal business hours, will be charged to the customer and must be paid in full before service is restored. 

BCES will make reasonable efforts to receive consent from customers in advance of receipt of termination notices via phone call, or mailing a notice or electronic notices so that customers are informed in advance of any such notification of disconnection.

This policy is an amendment to the Schedule of Rules and Regulations, Item #10 and Item #11, in the Power Contract between TVA and Benton County Electric System.

Revised: 08-25-98 (effective 09-14-98)
Revised: 01-23-01 (effective 03-01-01)
Revised: 06-21-05 (effective 07-01-05)

Revised: 09-22-2015 (effective 10-01-2015)

Revised: 1-25-2022 (effective 02-01-2022)


Country: United States