Have you ever wondered what it takes to get electricity to your home?

It is a long journey from the power plants to your home and is becoming even more complex as customers and businesses bring distributed generation online. Distributed Generation is the the ever decreasing cost of renewables like solar and wind. It takes a huge team of people to ensure you have safe  reliable power. From the power plants, transmission system, and finally to your local electric company, there is so much more involved than just wires on a pole.

Throughout the day the system is monitored and adjusted to ensure reliability and the availability of the power you need when you need it.

If possible, repairs even occur to the lines and equipment without an interruption in service, if the problem can be worked safely. When Mother Nature comes through we work outages in the most efficient manner to ensure the citizens of Benton County have safe, reliable power.

Below is a great video of the basics of how power gets to your home.


Country: United States