An existing service is defined as an existing service location that has been active(Electricity On) within the last year.

If the service has been off for more than a year, or BCES believes the service is unsafe, it will require a "Reconnection Inspection" by the State Electrical Inspector. Once documents have been received by our office will BCES be allowed to turn on service.

A load sheet  must be completed so BCES can determine the proper equipment is in place to serve your needed capacity.

Customer Charges:

Cost Description
$  27.00   Check or Money Order payable to "State of Tennessee" (If Reconnection Inspection Required)
$    3.00  Agent Fee
$    2.70  ID Verification Fee if no active service currently with BCES
TBD 2 X the Average Monthly Bill (Minimum $125.00)
*We only accept cash, money order, or checks for setting up new service.


Process to Setup Service

  • Contact our office to finalize charges necessary to activate your upcoming service needs at 731-584-8251.
  • Complete and Sign an "Application for Service" if you currently do not have service with us. You can type on this form, print it, and then sign it. The document is available for download below

PDFICONApplication for Service


  • When you come to the office you will need to bring:
    • State/Federal Picture ID
    • Proof of Ownership or Lease Agreement from Landlord
    • Social Security Card/Federal Tax ID#
    • If organization is Tax Exempt, a Tax Exempt Card/Certificate must be on file and a copy provided to the office.
  • Service can typically be turned on from the office in most cases. If it cannot,arrive prior to 12pm, it can be turned on same day.
  • We cannot activate a service unless it has passed any pending inspections, documentation received, and all fees paid.
  • If you are out of state and unable to come to the office, please contact our office at 731-584-8251 for alternate procedures.
  • Please review our service policies how we handle accounts
Country: United States