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What billing components are in my electric bill?

There are multiple components that make up the rate a residential customer pays.

  • The first component is the Base Charge. This charge is based on what it costs BCES to deliver and maintain power to your service address and is the same for all ratepayers in the class.  TVA provides a Hydro Power Generation Credit to our residential customers.

  • The next component is the per kWh(Killowatt Hour) charge.

BILL IMAGE_edited_edited.jpg


Base Charge: $24.33 (Effective Date Oct 2017) 

TVA Hydro Power Credit:-$1.54 (Effective Date Oct 2023)

Total Base Charge: $22.79 (Effective Date Oct 2023) 


Energy Charge (kWh) 1st 1,000 kWh per unit:(Wholesale Cost to Distributor +Distribution Asset Recovery) 

Energy Charge (kWh) +1,000kWh per unit:(Wholesale Cost to Distributor)

**Rates will vary slightly month to month based on the TVA Fuel Cost Adjustment (FCA)
**Call us if you would like to know the current rates at 731-584-8251. 

What is a KilloWatt Hour?

It is a fixed electrical unit of measurement equivalent to a fixed measurement such as 1 gallon of water.


A killowatt hour is simply a 1000 Watts of energy consumed in one hour would equal 1 kWh (KillowattHour) 

ex. A 100Watt Light bulb burning for one hour consumes .1 kWh(Killowatt Hour)

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